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angie3_copyangie2_copyWhen I was married (2008) I was a "tight" size 8. A year after I was married , I had gained so much weight that I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease (2009). My pant size was up to a very tight, " barley can pull up & zipper " size 10. But I refused to buy the next size up. So I tried the gym, ehh didn't like it- it felt like a meat market . I tried group classes at a park district but classes were canceled with no notification or sign, or there were so many people in the class that you felt lost. I didn't know if I was doing the moves right, using the right form, etc.

Then I found Soto's in April 2010 through a friend (insert angels singing here) . I was very nervous trying another place, and was just waiting to be disappointed again. I started with a free class, ZUMBA , and I loved it and was hooked.

Everyday is a different class. The place is CLEAN the equipment, mats, balls, bands, are cleaned after every class!

There are many levels to each class so even a beginner, like me at the time, could do the class. The classes are at convenient times in the evening. The class size is not overwhelming and the different trainers will help you with your own fitness level & form. Classes are offered 6 times a week, and I try to make it everyday. Now in 2011, I no longer have Fatty Liver Disease, and size 8's are feeling pretty loose.

I feel so much healthier & stronger then I ever did before. I love Soto's!!! I would STRONGLY recommend Soto's Group Fitness classes for all fitness level

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