Sara Yousef Testimonial

sara1It was 5 months before my wedding when I realized I was out of shape and needed to get going on my workout  plan so I could look fabulous for my wedding.

I was super stressed on all the details for the wedding and I couldn’t even imagine getting in shape. A friend recommended that I see a fantastic Certified Personal Trainer,(Mikaila Soto). Mikaila’s  motivation and energy was uplifting. She motivated me and pushed me more than I thought I could go. On our first training session I was unable to do a single pushup. I tried every week and now because of her amazing training, I am able to do 10 pushups. That was a large accomplishment for me. Soto has made me feel more confident and happy in my new lean body. I’m truly lucky that I was able to train with her. My wedding finally came and I lost 5 inches off her waist and my dress fit perfectly. She was my Godsend. If you’re looking for a trainer that cares and will make a difference in your mind, body, and spirit, then look no further, Mikaila Soto is your solution.

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