Jennifer M. Testimonial

Jennifer M. Age 34

JenniferI decided to get a personal trainer this past March and originally thought I would do a 2 day session and be set for life…Well, here it is August and I can’t even count the number of sessions I have had..I’m 34, have 4 kids and never really had to work out..Well, something changed over the last couple years and my body didn’t have that natural firmness anymore. Just because your thin does not mean you are fit! I went to Soto to work on 2 areas in particular and learned so much from her..I think she knew more of what results I was really looking for than I myself did..She had more faith in me than I did. I now am working on muscles I didn’t even know I had before..Soto made working out fun and I saw results quickly and feel healthier and better about myself..Soto is tough but that is just what I needed. She is very knowledgeable, dedicated, hard working and truly enjoys her job and is obviously a good advertisement for herself..I think all Trainers should be required to be as fit and healthy as Soto..

We recently moved away from the Chicago area to the D.C. area and she is definitely one of the people that I miss the most..She was my trainer but also became a friend..I was so inspired by her that we made one room into a gym in our new home.. I flew her out here to D.C. and she spent 2 days with me to give me a complete workout routine that I could do here at home on the Bow Flex and believe me , she found every exercise possible on that machine. A lot of people asked, “Can’t you find a trainer in all of the D.C. area?”..Well, my response to them is “No, I don’t think there is a better trainer for me.” I would recommend Soto to anyone looking for a trainer, no matter what your needs are..I guarantee the results from training with her will far exceed any goals you may have

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