Jennifer M. Testimonial

Jennifer M. Age 34

JenniferI decided to get a personal trainer this past March and originally thought I would do a 2 day session and be set for life…Well, here it is August and I can’t even count the number of sessions I have had..I’m 34, have 4 kids and never really had to work out..Well, something changed over the last couple years and my body didn’t have that natural firmness anymore. Just because your thin does not mean you are fit! I went to Soto to work on 2 areas in particular and learned so much from her..I think she knew more of what results I was really looking for than I myself did..She had more faith in me than I did. I now am working on muscles I didn’t even know I had before..Soto made working out fun and I saw results quickly and feel healthier and better about myself..Soto is tough but that is just what I needed. She is very knowledgeable, dedicated, hard working and truly enjoys her job and is obviously a good advertisement for herself..I think all Trainers should be required to be as fit and healthy as Soto..

We recently moved away from the Chicago area to the D.C. area and she is definitely one of the people that I miss the most..She was my trainer but also became a friend..I was so inspired by her that we made one room into a gym in our new home.. I flew her out here to D.C. and she spent 2 days with me to give me a complete workout routine that I could do here at home on the Bow Flex and believe me , she found every exercise possible on that machine. A lot of people asked, “Can’t you find a trainer in all of the D.C. area?”..Well, my response to them is “No, I don’t think there is a better trainer for me.” I would recommend Soto to anyone looking for a trainer, no matter what your needs are..I guarantee the results from training with her will far exceed any goals you may have


Eleanor Blyden Testimonial

After having a total right knee replacement in February, and Physical Therapy right after, I was told to continue my rehabilitation, and I wanted someone good to work with me. I visited a few Fitness Centers and wasn’t quite satisfied with what I was told. My Physical Therapist told me to go to Cardinal Fitness, and when I came there, I was given Soto’s name and number to call. I called her and explained that I needed more rehabbing so my knees could be stronger. After meeting with Soto, I was all fired up to start immediately.

Soto gave me the confidence I needed to continue, and when she started working with me, I felt so much better, my knee was becoming stronger, I was getting my balance back, and I felt inspired that I could do it. Soto motivated me and her patience is unbelievable.

I am now riding the bike and also walking on the treadmill. I feel like a changed person. I feel so much better, and I know that with her help, I will continue to get stronger. Thank you, Soto, for a job well done and your interest in my general health.

Eleanor Blynden


Phil Krol Testimonial


Everything I have read indicates there are great health benefits from strength training. I had been walking and using a treadmill at home but wanted to get into a resistance training program for increased strength and muscle tone. To this end I joined a local gym and quickly phil_krol_2recognized the need for some professional supervision to assure correct form and avoidance of injury while performing the various routines. I hired Soto as my personal trainer. She has developed a program tailored to my specific needs and objectives consistent with my physical capabilities. I have experienced growth in muscle mass, strength, body fat reduction and a general feeling of well being. Soto is highly motivational and competent in getting results and I would not hesitate to recommend her as a personal trainer for achieving fitness objectives. One is never too old to start.

-Phil Krol



Ryan L. Testimonial

At first, I was very apprehensive about working out with a personal trainer. Soto provides an effective training program that allows her clients to see rapid results. Her training techniques are cutting edge, informative, and tailored to meet the needs of her clients in order to obtain maximum results. As well, her nurturing, encouraging spirit paralleled with her humility make her a lifelong asset for any individual who is looking to make a shift to a healthy lifestyle.


Sara Yousef Testimonial

sara1It was 5 months before my wedding when I realized I was out of shape and needed to get going on my workout  plan so I could look fabulous for my wedding.

I was super stressed on all the details for the wedding and I couldn’t even imagine getting in shape. A friend recommended that I see a fantastic Certified Personal Trainer,(Mikaila Soto). Mikaila’s  motivation and energy was uplifting. She motivated me and pushed me more than I thought I could go. On our first training session I was unable to do a single pushup. I tried every week and now because of her amazing training, I am able to do 10 pushups. That was a large accomplishment for me. Soto has made me feel more confident and happy in my new lean body. I’m truly lucky that I was able to train with her. My wedding finally came and I lost 5 inches off her waist and my dress fit perfectly. She was my Godsend. If you’re looking for a trainer that cares and will make a difference in your mind, body, and spirit, then look no further, Mikaila Soto is your solution.


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