Mary Vasile Testimonial

Mary_Vasile_1Before going to Soto-Cpt, I was your average teenager. I didn’t care much about my health and I ate whatever I wanted because I thought it wouldn’t affect me. After going to my first group fitness class at Soto-Cpt, I realized how truly out of shape I was. I went to a Doctor’s appointment a few weeks before and was told I was a bit over weight, not something a girl wants to hear. After going to more group classes I began to feel better about myself and I felt healthier. About 6 months later I went back to my doctor and I lost 13 pounds. I also lost four dress sizes. This definitely raised my self esteem. Now I find myself looking forward to working out and the feeling of soreness after a good workout. Mikaila Soto has also shown me how to eat right and make healthy choices when it comes to food. I’m exercising every chance I get, and I owe this to Mikaila Soto for believing in me and pushing me to my limits and beyond. She is truly an inspiration.

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Jill Bana Testimonial

Jill_Bana_1jill_bana_2Before coming to SotoCpt Fitness I was just a normal person who worked out and tried to keep fit. After training with Soto that description sure changed. Besides her incredible personal training plan she trained me for my first NPC Bikini Show. Honestly I did not think I was ready but with Mikaila's incredible contest preparation package and her true knowledge of the sport she got me stage ready in only 10 weeks. Since this was my first show I was really nervous but by showtime I was so well prepared my confidence grew and I managed to place in the top five out of a field of 20 girls. Thank you so much Mikaila and everyone at SotoCpt Fitness!

Angie P. Testimonial

angie3_copyangie2_copyWhen I was married (2008) I was a "tight" size 8. A year after I was married , I had gained so much weight that I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease (2009). My pant size was up to a very tight, " barley can pull up & zipper " size 10. But I refused to buy the next size up. So I tried the gym, ehh didn't like it- it felt like a meat market . I tried group classes at a park district but classes were canceled with no notification or sign, or there were so many people in the class that you felt lost. I didn't know if I was doing the moves right, using the right form, etc.

Then I found Soto's in April 2010 through a friend (insert angels singing here) . I was very nervous trying another place, and was just waiting to be disappointed again. I started with a free class, ZUMBA , and I loved it and was hooked.

Everyday is a different class. The place is CLEAN the equipment, mats, balls, bands, are cleaned after every class!

There are many levels to each class so even a beginner, like me at the time, could do the class. The classes are at convenient times in the evening. The class size is not overwhelming and the different trainers will help you with your own fitness level & form. Classes are offered 6 times a week, and I try to make it everyday. Now in 2011, I no longer have Fatty Liver Disease, and size 8's are feeling pretty loose.

I feel so much healthier & stronger then I ever did before. I love Soto's!!! I would STRONGLY recommend Soto's Group Fitness classes for all fitness level

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Claudia D. Testimonial

I am over 50 and was having such a hard time dropping any weight, the more I worked out and tried to diet I was not loosing any weight.  I started to get depressed. I signed up for 20 sessions of personal training less then 2 months I dropped weight and lost 3 inches in my hips 3 inches in my upper thigh and 2 1/2 inches in my waist. Just by following her diet and excersie program the weight and inches were falling off. Several months later I am still following the program and I feel great I have built up my self estem. I am now wearing Junior sizes, of which I was not able to since I was in my 20's. I am so grateful for Soto's help in making me feel so much better about myself. I would recommend her classes and training to everyone.  Claudia Deanda

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Anna M. Testimonial

anna1anna2Working out and leading a healthy lifestyle have always been important to me but Mikaila and the other instructors at Soto CPT have taken my fitness to a completely different level!
She offers a variety of classes each week that challenge your body in different ways. It never gets boring and it's always an amazing workout! You'll not only lose weight and inches but you'll learn how to tone your figure. You'll leave each class feel rejuvenated and completed rewarded because you're working with a PRO. I DEFINITELY recommend this studio to meet your fitness goals!!

Ali Rizvi Testimonial

After losing hope in all the diets and weight loss pills out there, I decided to put an end to this frustration by finding a personal trainer.


I was so lucky and blessed that I was able to get in touch with Soto through referrals and reviews I read about her.  When I met her for my orientation my journey to success started.  The program she designed for me was so detailed which focused on all different parts of my body.  She divided the parts of body with number of sessions in the week so she could give equal attention to all parts of my  body.  Not only did she design my workout program but she designed my diet and the nutrition that I need including vitamins and protein that my body needs.  Soto is more like a friend than a trainer; she calls me to find out how I am doing after my sessions, if I have any soreness or any concerns.
It was only 8 days into my training with Soto and the weight started to drop.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  By the end of 2 weeks, I already lost 12 pounds and then it just started to drop.  When I started with Soto on Aug 2008 I was at 397 and as of March 10th, 2009 I am at 228.  My cholesterol is perfect, blood pressure is perfect and I am no more diabetic. My family doctor is amazed of this progress and he tells me your trainer has done what nobody could have done for you.  I have been overweight all my life, since the age of 12, I use to be 54 waist and now I am 34.
Soto is very professional and highly skilled in personal training, she has a unique program to fit all her clients.  She designs it individually for all her clients according to what their bodies require and what the body is capable of.  I am so happy with what she has done with me that words can’t explain how grateful and amazed I am.  My results speak for myself.  I have only one thing to say, anyone who wants to lose weight, tone their body or even maintain their physical appearance, please train with Soto, it will be the best decision of your lifetime


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