Bro's vs. Pro's

winner1Mikaila Soto, an IFBB Figure competitor who nearly lost her life a few months ago with a serious illness showed up with Krispy Kreme donuts and a huge smile to decimate the other competitors in the Co-Ed challenge. Mikaila who had just competed in the Phoenix Pro Show the previous day came in looking healthy and not depleted to knock out more than 70 reps with 80% of her bodyweight to take an early lead.. With a huge performance  IFBB Pro  Mikaila knew exactly how many she needed to knock down to take home the $1,000 first prize; and knock them down she did... Squeezing every last bit of energy from her bulging biceps she did two more reps than she needed to take the win. Check out the link below for Mikaila's winning form.


Here is a link to the radio commentary on Mikaila's win

Click below for some pictures of the event