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Final Surgery (Adenomyosis)


After Mikaila's second surgery it was determined that she still had an infection and massive doses of antibiotics would cure her.

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Home Sweet Home

Mikaila Soto/give forward fundraiser


Mikaila was admitted back into the Hospital Sunday the 6th after having complications on her recent EMERGENCY SURGERY  from having some Organs removed a few days earlier. Appendix, Partial Uterus, Left Fallopian tube, cutting adhesions from her Liver and much more. Surgeons found she still had a massive infection. We are sending much love as she goes back into anesthesia for her second surgery Wednesday the 9th



Finally at her home on bed rest Thursday the 17th , after undergoing back to back surgeries she will need much recovery time.


Rushed into Emergency Surgery June 2014

photo2copy1Mikaila Soto 
was rushed to the emergency room last Sunday night for severe abdomen pain. After several hours of tests, nothing could reveal the cause or where the pain was coming from;


Ventilator Machine February 2014 (Breathe with me)

ventilator3After 2 weeks in the hospital with a large portion of her hospital stay in the ICU Mikaila Soto has made it home. Mikaila had a very rough stay from being put on a ventilator machine for fear of her not being able to breathe to a very painful recurrence of the shingles virus.

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Kai York Photo Shoot

kai 1 kai2

Click here for more , incredible pictures from Mikaila's Kai York photo shoot


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