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After my competition at the St. Louis Pro Figure show in March of 2011 and well deserved birthday vacations to Miami and Las Vegas, I settled into my usual routine of work at my fitness studio. I figured with all the travel and celebrating of my birthday  that my body was just a little run down so I didn’t pay much attention to my symptoms. On the fifth of April, 2011,  weighing in at 128.9lbs, I started to feel real sick and I had to leave work after only two hours.

South_Beach3                                Vegas_2011a

On April sixth, weighing 132.9 lbs, I started taking Dayquil and Nightquil. When those didn’t work I tried Thera Flu. My doctor was closed on Wednesday so I made my appointment for Thursday. I didn’t even attempt to go to work , I felt like I was drowning in water, I kept gasping for air.

On April seventh, weighing 137.8 lbs, while at my doctors office, I had a severe asthma attack. I was admitted quickly to the hospital. While in the hospital I was diagnosed with Status Asthmaticas, I was ordered to undergo continuous breathing treatments. After my chest xray I was also diagnosed with pneumonia. Because of the diagnosis I was placed on the cardiac/pulmonary floor to monitor my heart and oxygen. If I can’t clear up the lung congestion  doctors suggested a bronchial tube to be inserted down my throat. As of today my breathing treatments are not keeping my bronchial tubes open.


On April eighth, weighing 143 lbs, due to heavy doses of medications. The next few days have seen me gaining weight steadily and breathing treatments working for a short time. Pnemonia hasn’t worsened, so doctors said no need for the bronchial tube, yea! A small victory.

IMG_1995a                 IMG_1988a

By April 12th, my weight has grown to an unbelievable 171.2 lbs with a one day increase of 19.2 lbs. With this rapid increase in weight, most people would believe that it is mostly water weight due to the iv but in this case it is not true. Because of the large amounts of steroids, cortisone and other medications a large majority will be more than just water weight.  Therefore, the amount of stress on the body is extremely great. Constant joint pain and stiffness make moving very difficult. The swelling of the joints has made the simple act of bending my knees very painful. Also with this stress on the body my blood pressure has soared to of 170 over 80 several times during the day. This is all going on while I am still trying to get my lungs and bronchial tubes to cooperate and accomplish the simple act of breathing. 


By April 13th, my weight is up to 180.2 lbs. Due to the medical status at the moment, doctors orders are not to see any visitors until further notice. However, I won’t let anything stop me! I will be competing on the stage in June. I say this to hopefully, encourage everone that no matter what life puts in your way, get up and reach your goals. Never let anything stop you! “Live and love life.” 

newbeg2        newbeg3  

Today April 14th, the pain has increased and the swelling is off the roof and my weight is up to 188.2 lbs. A rapid 62 lbs in a short 5 days. I can barely type, my fingers are hard to move…

April 15th, still on the cardiac/pulmonary floor and weighing 192 lbs. Body trying to get my lungs to function normally without continuous breathing treatments. Continued joint and whole body pain because of the excessive weight gain, has made the simple act of getting out of  bed a tremendous chore. As if I wasn’t taking enough medicine already, I also received shots straight into my stomach to prevent blood clots. Now on top of that I have a throat infection due to the large amount of antibiotics that I am receiving. His makes it hard to talk and swallow.

home2      home1

April 16th, weighing in at 192.7lbs breathing  is sometimes better but at night it tends to be more strained. The pneumonia is proving to be very stubborn, the lower lungs are very constricted and filled with fluids. So continual cortisone is being pumped to help open these bronchial tubes. The side affect is the body producing a large amount of fluids. Usually, the body would carry the fluids to the kidneys to be removed but in my case the body is dumping the fluids subcutaneously throughout the body. Most people think it is just water weight and can be removed easily by working out and sweating it off. The only way the body can remove the fluids is through absorption and this could take quite a while. So not only are the flrids pooling around the joints but they are now pooling all over the body’s surface. This has caused serious pain, so much that it is hard to blink. Walking is difficult but I am determined to keep fighting.

ouch3c           Ouch2b

I would like to tell everyone that I am in good hands here at St. Alexius Hospital; from my family doctor, my pulmonary specialist, my infectious disease specialist and my respiratory care staff. I have a great team that is working hard to put me on the road to recovery. Also, the nursing staff  has done an incredible job of making this long stay very comfortable. Thank you so much for being an amazing group.

Fought my battle hard, my body is now cooperating after 2 weeks in the hospital. Finally on my way home for a painful recovery. All the love and support from everyone won’t be forgotten. Dedication and determination because I will not give up. See you on stage. Thanks to all for sharing this journey with me.

Hanging in there and staying positive. Hoping to motivate others with my journey and to keep pushing!


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