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Mikaila Soto Third Surgery

After Mikaila's second surgery it was determined that she still had an infection and massive doses of antibiotics would cure her. So after 6 days home she still suffered from extreme pain. Mikaila went to the emergency room and the best they could do was prescribe pain medication. The only other option would be a total hysterectomy, which doctors were not certain if it would completely relieve her pain. This was a very difficult decision, hope that the pain might go away or go under the knife again and deal with the side effects of a hysterectomy and how it would effect her emotionally. Weighing these options Mikaila went home believing after 2 back to back surgeries that things would improve so she could get back to work recovering and start living life.  It was not until after seeing Dr. Michelle Luthringhausen that the decision became clear. Within 24 hours of seeing Mikaila. Dr. Luthringhausen determined that Mikaila suffered from Adenomyosis. Tests also revealed that lingering infection. The only cure for this would be a total hysterectomy. While this decision to undergo a third operation was difficult the knowledge that it was the correct thing to do made it easier. Dr. Luthringhausen is the top specialist in performing the Davinci Robotic arm hysterectomy, so Mikaila felt assured she was in good hands. While in surgery Mikaila also had more adhesions removed. Mikaila is recovering at home with pain from this surgery and the previous two.  It has been hard physically, emotionally, and financially but I know that Mikaila will be back stronger then ever. Mikaila would like to thank everyone who has donated so generously and thank those who have given her words of encouragement.


Emergency Surgery June 2014

photo2copy1Mikaila Soto 
was rushed to the emergency room last Sunday night for severe abdomen pain. After several hours of tests, nothing could reveal the cause or where the pain was coming from; Doctors:
Pulmonary Specialist
Family Doctor   
Infectious Disease  
Laparoscopic Surgen  
Pain Specialist

 All agreed to have Mikaila Soto undergo emergency exploratory surgery by inserting a mini camera into her stomach. This would determine the cause of the extreme, awful pain "she was experiencing in her abdomen". After Doctors inserted the camera into her stomach through her belly button, it was determined she had a large  inner infection. This infection caused pus to form in her left Fallopian tube which had to be removed.The infection also left adhesions on her LIVER and UTERUS. These adhesions had to be removed by cutting them out. As this wasn't enough, Mikaila's APPENDIX was inflamed so bad and swollen to the point where it also had to be removed ... Mikaila Soto is recovering at slowly at home and is on bed rest. Mikaila the Rebel Soto is A WARRIOR, she will keep pushing forward and never give up !


Mikaila Soto 2013 Olympia

mikaila vegas olympia101

Hello friends and fans! It has only been a week since the 2013 Olympia in Las Vegas and I am still excited about the show. It is just starting to sink in that I competed in the biggest show of the year. It was also special that this was the the very first year that my division was represented at the Olympia. I would like to thank everyone who was in attendance to cheer me and all the incredible ladies in the Womens Physique Division. As I think about this year I can't believe that it was only about 90 days ago that I was laying in a hospital bed wondering if my season would be cut short. It was just after I got out of the hospital that I told myself that if I could just get back to the stage and compete one more time in 2013 that I would prove to everyone that with determination and a positive attitude anything is possible. As for reaching the Olympia, well that would be out of my hands and I could only hope. Before the Dallas Europa I knew I wasn't quite at my best but I proved that I could come back and walk the stage after a terrible set back. After the Dallas show when I realized that I was going to the Olympia I knew that with the 6 weeks before the show I could get myself in a condition that I would be happy with. As I walked the Olympia Stage, I realied that no matter where I placed, in my mind I already won! I qualified as one of only 16 competitors out of hundreds! Thinking about how far I had come and all the huge obstacles I had to endure I was ecstatic. So if anyone asks me about 2013 I will tell them that it has been the best year of my life! Thank you to all the wonderful Olympia staff that made me feel like a star. Also thanks to all my fellow competitors for making the show absolutely wonderful. A final thank you to all my wonderful sponsors Species Nutrition, Liquid Sun Rayz, Cherry Bombs Attitude Gear, Rock Tape, Dominique Vien360 Designs and Kold Karrier.  See you in 2014.


Mikaila Soto 9 Week Transformation

9weekscopyAs many of you know I spent the month of May in the hospital with acute asthma, pnuemonia and a list of other complications. One of the most severe was extreme weight gain. I gained approximately 75 pounds while in the hospital. Yes this was fat, plain and simple. I post my 9 week transformation from hospital to stage as inspiration to anyone who thinks that something may be impossible. I am living proof of what can be accomplished with a positive attitude and the will to reach a goal no matter the obstacles. Thank you to all my supporters who wished me well and gave me words of encouragement through my struggle. Never give up and as always "Live and Love Life"


Ventilator Machine 2014 (Breathe with Me) Update

breathe with meAfter 2 weeks in the hospital with a large portion of her hospital stay in the ICU Mikaila Soto has made it home. Mikaila had a very rough stay from being put on a ventilator machine for fear of her not being able to breathe to a very painful recurrence of the shingles virus. With the large amount of prednisone being administered Mikaila gained 40 plus pounds. Another painful side effect was the 3 times a day shots to Mikaila's abdomen to prevent blood clots. This led to painful blood coagulation on the skin and some very ugly looking sores that were painful to the touch. While all this was going on Mikaila was fighting a very stubborn and potentialy dangerous pneumonia virus. Mikaila's immune system became so compromised that within only 5 days she showed signs of shingles. Being the warrior she is Mikaila kept her spirits high and attitude positive. Mikaila would like to thank everyone who sent well wishes and words of encouragement to her. These wonderful thoughts and prayers help keep her going when things got serious. So home for the holidays to rest and recuperate and then watch out , the Rebel will be back!


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