Mikaila 2013 Hospital stay

 After taking 2nd place in Orlando at the Europa Physique Show Mikaila came home to see her Pulmonary Specialist and immediately was informed her lung capacity was at only 70%. Not wanting to take any chances she was admitted to the hospital on May 2nd. Originally doctors were very optimistic and believed Mikaila would only be in a few days to simply stabalize her breathing. After chest xrays it was determined she had pneumonia as well as severe asthma in which her bronchial tubes were quickly closing. With her two previous hospital stays doctors were taking no chances and started her on high doses of prednisone and antibiotics. What started out as posssibly only a few days in the hospital quickly developed into weeks and many painful side effects. Like her previous stays Mikaila gained upwards of 70 pounds due to the steroids dumping fluid on her body. With this massive weight gain the pain Mikaila had to endure was extremely painful on her joints and entire body. Walking and sinply moving became a chore. Other side effects included elevated blood pressure and heart rate. Combining this with the coughing and gasping for air became to much on her body so she was moved to the ICU when her nurses could not stop her coughing and they feared she could go into cardiac arrest.


 After spending Mother's Day in the ICU any chance of going home soon was not going to happen. Throughout this time the pain became too much, so doctors started her on a morphine drip besides the around the clock vicoden she was taking. The violent coughing attacks gave Mikaila intense pain in her back and abdomen. After 5 days in ICU Mikaila was placed on a telemetry floor so her heart could be monitored because she still had an elevated heart rate. Mikaila also had a blood glucose reading that was steadily climbing and she was placed on insulin injections. Mikaila also had daily injections directly into her abdomen to prevent blood clots. With all this going on Mikaila stayed positive and vowed to be back on the stage as soon as she could. By May 17th Mikaila and her doctors thought she was making a little progress and possibly a chance to go home looked promising. With the incredibly large amount of medicine she was on her immune system became very suppressed. After showing doctors a painful rash and blisters that developed on her lower back, Mikaila learned she had Shingles. Any chance of leaving the hospital was not going to happen. Shingles is an incredibly painful disease that attacks a persons nerves and Mikaila had a severe case. Fearing she could have another breathing attack doctors have said she will not be able to leave until she is completely stable and her shingles have started to heal. Unfortunately, Mikaila is faced with having permanent nerve damage on her left side. If you know Mikaila she will not let this stop her.

 As of May 21st Mikaila is still in the hospital fighting to breath and fighting to walk. She has endured an incredible amount of pain in the last 2 weeks but her Warrior Spirit will not quit!! Mikaila would like to thank all friends and fans for all the support and words of encouragement she has received. The human body and mind are capable of incredible things and overcoming huge obstacles. If anyone has ever proved it Mikaila Soto has.


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