Ventilator Machine 2014 (Breathe with Me) Update

breathe with meAfter 2 weeks in the hospital with a large portion of her hospital stay in the ICU Mikaila Soto has made it home. Mikaila had a very rough stay from being put on a ventilator machine for fear of her not being able to breathe to a very painful recurrence of the shingles virus. With the large amount of prednisone being administered Mikaila gained 40 plus pounds. Another painful side effect was the 3 times a day shots to Mikaila's abdomen to prevent blood clots. This led to painful blood coagulation on the skin and some very ugly looking sores that were painful to the touch. While all this was going on Mikaila was fighting a very stubborn and potentialy dangerous pneumonia virus. Mikaila's immune system became so compromised that within only 5 days she showed signs of shingles. Being the warrior she is Mikaila kept her spirits high and attitude positive. Mikaila would like to thank everyone who sent well wishes and words of encouragement to her. These wonderful thoughts and prayers help keep her going when things got serious. So home for the holidays to rest and recuperate and then watch out , the Rebel will be back!

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