Mikaila Soto 2013 Olympia

mikaila vegas olympia101

Hello friends and fans! It has only been a week since the 2013 Olympia in Las Vegas and I am still excited about the show. It is just starting to sink in that I competed in the biggest show of the year. It was also special that this was the the very first year that my division was represented at the Olympia. I would like to thank everyone who was in attendance to cheer me and all the incredible ladies in the Womens Physique Division. As I think about this year I can't believe that it was only about 90 days ago that I was laying in a hospital bed wondering if my season would be cut short. It was just after I got out of the hospital that I told myself that if I could just get back to the stage and compete one more time in 2013 that I would prove to everyone that with determination and a positive attitude anything is possible. As for reaching the Olympia, well that would be out of my hands and I could only hope. Before the Dallas Europa I knew I wasn't quite at my best but I proved that I could come back and walk the stage after a terrible set back. After the Dallas show when I realized that I was going to the Olympia I knew that with the 6 weeks before the show I could get myself in a condition that I would be happy with. As I walked the Olympia Stage, I realied that no matter where I placed, in my mind I already won! I qualified as one of only 16 competitors out of hundreds! Thinking about how far I had come and all the huge obstacles I had to endure I was ecstatic. So if anyone asks me about 2013 I will tell them that it has been the best year of my life! Thank you to all the wonderful Olympia staff that made me feel like a star. Also thanks to all my fellow competitors for making the show absolutely wonderful. A final thank you to all my wonderful sponsors Species Nutrition, Liquid Sun Rayz, Cherry Bombs Attitude Gear, Rock Tape, Dominique Vien360 Designs and Kold Karrier.  See you in 2014.