Mikaila Soto Third Surgery

After Mikaila's second surgery it was determined that she still had an infection and massive doses of antibiotics would cure her. So after 6 days home she still suffered from extreme pain. Mikaila went to the emergency room and the best they could do was prescribe pain medication. The only other option would be a total hysterectomy, which doctors were not certain if it would completely relieve her pain. This was a very difficult decision, hope that the pain might go away or go under the knife again and deal with the side effects of a hysterectomy and how it would effect her emotionally. Weighing these options Mikaila went home believing after 2 back to back surgeries that things would improve so she could get back to work recovering and start living life.  It was not until after seeing Dr. Michelle Luthringhausen that the decision became clear. Within 24 hours of seeing Mikaila. Dr. Luthringhausen determined that Mikaila suffered from Adenomyosis. Tests also revealed that lingering infection. The only cure for this would be a total hysterectomy. While this decision to undergo a third operation was difficult the knowledge that it was the correct thing to do made it easier. Dr. Luthringhausen is the top specialist in performing the Davinci Robotic arm hysterectomy, so Mikaila felt assured she was in good hands. While in surgery Mikaila also had more adhesions removed. Mikaila is recovering at home with pain from this surgery and the previous two.  It has been hard physically, emotionally, and financially but I know that Mikaila will be back stronger then ever. Mikaila would like to thank everyone who has donated so generously and thank those who have given her words of encouragement.

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