Emergency Surgery June 2014

photo2copy1Mikaila Soto 
was rushed to the emergency room last Sunday night for severe abdomen pain. After several hours of tests, nothing could reveal the cause or where the pain was coming from; Doctors:
Pulmonary Specialist
Family Doctor   
Infectious Disease  
Laparoscopic Surgen  
Pain Specialist

 All agreed to have Mikaila Soto undergo emergency exploratory surgery by inserting a mini camera into her stomach. This would determine the cause of the extreme, awful pain "she was experiencing in her abdomen". After Doctors inserted the camera into her stomach through her belly button, it was determined she had a large  inner infection. This infection caused pus to form in her left Fallopian tube which had to be removed.The infection also left adhesions on her LIVER and UTERUS. These adhesions had to be removed by cutting them out. As this wasn't enough, Mikaila's APPENDIX was inflamed so bad and swollen to the point where it also had to be removed ... Mikaila Soto is recovering at slowly at home and is on bed rest. Mikaila the Rebel Soto is A WARRIOR, she will keep pushing forward and never give up !

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